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Who said "don't play with your food"?


Few things are as satisfying, and delicious, as a home cooked meal. It only gets better when you use produce that is fresh, organic, and from the farm. Here's where you're going to find the recipes that are both vintage, and cutting edge cool. From Grandma's old fashion family recipes to Chef Rick Bayless and his modern interpretation of Mexican cuisine. We bring you food ideas that never get old and maybe, just might make you a food ledgend in your family.


Comfort foods are the foundations for growing memeries. What do you think of when you think of home? Back in the day when learning Math was more important than counting carbs. When Mac and Cheese came from Grandma's kitchen, not a blue and yellow box. Now, let's make it real and seasonal again. Each week we will have recipes for the food we are bringing home for you to try. Let us know what makes you food happy. Share with us, your thoughts on what makes a  great meal. Send your recipes to Together we can make some memorable meal memories..



Here's a couple classic ideas



Classic Meatloaf

65 minutes

Eat like a grandkid again. This meatloaf will have you thinking about snowmen, snow days, and Sundays at Grandma's house. Make it with ground beef from the farm.Order a meat mix today!

Potato and Wisconsin White Cheddar Gratin

1 hour

Simple, easy, and cheesy. Serve it up with a slice of meatloaf. Then get ready wrap your arms around yourself for a big hug. That's some comfort food.

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