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We're Real People! Meet your farmers.

A handful of hard headed people, with a passion for growing food that's safe to eat. Give them a few old tractors to drive around. Then throw in some crop ground, and a couple old barns. Now, take away the chemicals and pesticides. Add in some cows, pigs, and Mother Nature. Combine with some hard work and a little bit of luck. What you have is the recipe for Wellhausen Farms. Best known locally as the Funny Farm. This is where going local first got started. Thank you for growing with us.

 To Your Front Door.

Farmer Jim

Once upon a time, a landscape architect. He understands how to grow things. He knows that the most important degree in growing organic food, may be degree day units. The rest, is a work in progress.


Young Jim

He has a degree in growing things too. He is a master in increasing Dad's degree day units on a daily basis. A degree to disagree, we call it. Things can get heated up real quick here on the farm. But, he has it all under control.


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