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What's on your plate?


You work hard everyday. Your education, and dedication provides health care for others. Isn't it good to know that somebody cares about your health too? Edward-Elmhurst heath wants to make safe, organic, locally grown, food, affordable and available to you and yours. Food from our family farm straight to your front door. The only way to get fresher food is to grow it yourself. If you think that joining our farm sounds like a good idea, just wait until you get a taste. Oh, as a Edward-Elmhurst health team member, you get the good stuff at a discount too. Your annual membership is only $159 for the first year. Then you pay $19 each week we deliver fresh to your front door. On average, 8 pounds of fresh, healthy, produce each week. Deliveries start in June, and we bring fresh home for you right up to the weekend before Thanksgiving. You'll be happy knowing that you're only a few clicks away from eating like a farmer. Real people, real farms, real food, that's got to make you feel real good too.

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